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    Welcome to the Home of White Bear Lake Lacrosse

    We're glad you're here! Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in America and White Bear Lake has a tradition of offering a fun and competitive lacrosse experience for boys and girls in elementary up. 

    About Us


    The White Bear Lacrosse Association was founded in 2005 as a 301 C Corporation. The purpose of the corporation is to organize and promote youth lacrosse for children living within the geographic boundaries of White Bear Lake and surrounding areas. (I.e. Vadnais Heights, Hugo, Lino Lakes, North Oaks, Gem Lake, Dellwood, and Birchwood) or attending a school within these boundaries but not exclusively, regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, or disability. It is further the purpose of WBLAX to aid youth who participate in this sport.

    • Improvement and development of lacrosse skills
    • To teach and promote physical, mental, and moral development
    • To teach a sense of fair and honest game play
    • To promote team play at all levels resulting in good sportsmanship
    • To encourage, aid and support acquisition of facilities and means for playing of lacrosse

    It is also the purpose of this Corporation to provide a formal means of organizing, financing, and directing said youth lacrosse program exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Its mission is to promote excellence and integrity in our players and volunteer staff throughout the community, among their families and on the playing field. Our focus is to create a safe, positive, and fun environment firmly rooted in: Player and skill development for all levels

    • Healthy competition where fairness, sportsmanship, discipline, self control, honesty, and team play are fostered, developed, and role modeled, in defeat as well as victory.
    • Respect for oneself, community, family, other players, coaches, officials, and teams.
    • Player and coach commitment to hard work and the development of the sport of lacrosse.

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      Letter from the President

      Please click the link to view a letter from our Board President

      Sprint 2023 Fundraising - Complete!

      The WBLAX Gertens Spring Fundraiser has officially kicked off!


      What you need to know if you chose to have your player participate in the spring fundraiser:

      • Each player needs to sell a minimum of $225 (I have two players, so they will sell $450)
      • Orders must be placed online, through Gertens
      • Orders will be accepted now through April 6. 
      • Items may sell out - order early!
      • When a customer places an order, be sure they enter your player's name so that your player receives the credit
      • Players will pick up May 5 & 6 and then will distribute their customers' orders on their own time. (More info regarding pick up to come later)

      Here is the 2023 Spring Brochure. Head out in your neighborhood with the brochure or share the information digitally.  

      To place an order: 

      1. Go to
      2. Enter the Store ID code 626, and click ‘Enter ID to Continue’.

      New To Lacrosse?

      Check out the below videos to gain some knowledge on this wonderful game. 

      Did you know you can sync up your team's calendar to your smart phone calendar?

      View your team or organization calendar while on the go by syncing it to your smart phone. There are two parts to syncing a calendar:

      1. Copy the Calendar Feed Link
      2. Add the copied link to your Calendar

      Follow the instructions in the document linked below.

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