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Youth Box Lacrosse League

Spring Indoor Boys Box Lacrosse Information

Our players will play in the Indoor Lacrosse League which is played with the US Lacrosse Rules, which is the same as previous years. This is a hybrid game between field and box.  This means that the participants will NOT be playing "real" box lacrosse, which means there will not be the following:
  • Players will not be allowed to cross-check.
  • There will be no 30-second shot clock.
  • The rules will be similar to the previous years of the YBL.
  • Players will not need to purchase bicep or kidney pads.

The purpose of this league is to develop lacrosse skills for all participants and that they have fun in a safe environment. This is great preparation for playing real box lacrosse and enhancing players overall lacrosse skills and IQ!

Registration closed February 2, 2018.

Click here to learn about GNLL's Spring Box League.

Box League Registration is now closed!

The Registration "Youth Box Lacrosse League" is not currently available.

Age Levels

U10: Born 9/1/2007 through 8/31/2009
U12: Born 9/1/2005 through 8/31/2007
U14: Born 6/1/2003 through 8/31/2005

Teams will be picked by friend/carpool requests and by grade level to equal out teams by ability.  Players skill level will not be a factor when teams are made. 

Since we have so few practices for box lacrosse, it is not recommended for first time lacrosse players.  The choice is always yours, but that is our recommendation.


WBLAX will issue a 100% refund on requests made prior to registration closing (minus Sport NGIN processing fee). 75% refund between the time that registration closes and practices start, and NO refund once practices start.  WBLAX will issue refund requests for injuries and special circumstances - on a case by case basis once games have started.

Box League Rules

Read about GNLL's box league here.

Box League Schedule

March 17 - April 22, 2018 are the official dates.  We will ask not to have games until March 24th due to our spring break. Games run on Saturdays & Sundays (6 weekends in total) between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.  Click here to view GNLL's box game schedule.

Box Practice Location and Dates

This year, all box practices will be again be held at the Loons Training Center in Roseville. Hosting practices here is easier to schedule (than the Vadnais Dome), allows for more convenient parking and is more cost effective for our association.  The Vadnais Dome has made it next to impossible to schedule  smaller amounts of dome time during prime hours.

Practice dates and times:

March 7th (March 5th was cancelled due to snow storm), 19th, 23rd, and 26th.  These are the indoor dates.  At least two more practices will be added later by your coaches depending upon need and the weather. 

Practices  times for the above dates:
10U will practice from 6:00-7:10pm
-10 min meeting after practice. 
12U will practice from 6:50-8:00pm
- 10 min before practice.
(Both Orange & Black Teams)
14U will practice from 7:50-9:00pm
- 10 min before practice.
(Both Orange & Black Teams)

Box League Equipment

What type of equipment is required for indoor box lacrosse? The same as field lacrosse.  See our overview here.