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Welcome to the Home of White Bear Lake Lacrosse

We're glad you're here! Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in America and White Bear Lake has a tradition of offering a fun and competitive lacrosse experience for boys and girls in elementary up. 

    Annual WBLAX board member meeting and elections

    It takes a village to run a community lacrosse program. Many of our board members have been involved with our organization for several years and have given their fair share of time and effort to keep lacrosse opportunities available for kids in our community. These members have helped our association triple in size in the last five years and we are hoping that we can fill their vacancies with new members willing to step up and donate their time. 

    We have open positions for Vice President, Treasurer, Girls Director, Member at Large, and Webmaster. The applications attached here were submitted by our September 11 deadline.  These members (and any additional write-in candidates) will be voted on at our Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, October 16 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the White Bear Lake District Center Board Room. All members are encouraged to vote on these important leadership positions. There are no applicants for Vice President, Webmaster/Communications, or Member at Large. Unless a write-in candidate is identified and accepts one of those roles, these positions will be unfilled for the 2017-2018 season. One board member is requesting a transfer between positions (from Treasurer to Member at Large).

    Click Picture for Details

    Click Picture for Details

    Our 2017 Teams

    • Boys U8 Black
    • Boys U8 Orange
    • Boys U10 Black
    • Boys U10 Orange
    • Boys U10 White
    • Boys U12 Black
    • Boys U12 Orange
    • Boys U12 White
    • Boys U14 Black
    • Boys U14 Orange
    • Boys U14 White
    • Girls U10
    • Girls U14 A
    • Girls U14 B

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